How to succeed on TikTok – with special guest Emma Lundgren from TikTok

In this episode of the Digitalsnack podcast we have a special guest - Emma Lundgren from TikTok Nordic! How cool?!

In the beginning of 2021 TikTok opened their office in Stockholm, Sweden with a new team fokus on the Nordic countries. Emma Lundgren is working with Agency Partnership at TikTok and she shares a unique insights at what it's like to work on TikTok and how to succeed on TikTok in 2021.



Guest in the podcast: Emma Lundgren - TikTok

Emma has been working in the media industry since 2007, with everything from banners and VOD to social video and AR in companies like TV4, Unruly, Snapchat and now finally TikTok.

⭐️ Agency Partnerships lead Nordics at TikTok

⭐ Award winning in digital advertising 2018

⭐ Former country manager at Snapchat Inc


TikTok in the nordics 2021

In this podcast you will hear:


⭐ Why does TikTok invest in the Nordic market

⭐ Which country in the Nordics is best at TikTok?

⭐ What is different about TikTok from other social media channels

⭐ The best way to reach out through advertising on TikTok

⭐ Emma's three best tips for success with TikTok

And last but not least...
⭐ Who is Emma's favorite TikTok creator?